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Valspar is a global leader in both consumer paint and industrial coatings. For more than 200 years Valspar have been developing paints that not only help homes and products look great, but their continuous dedication to improving products mean they are always fit for purpose. Valspar's investment in colour technology means that they can match any colour a customer is looking for in-store today.


Wet hide

Excellent coverage

No splatter

Perfect for sprayers

No thinning necessary

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Paint mixing

Paint mixing - Trade base

Need paint mixed? We have developed a Trade base formula specifically with the Tradesmen in mind and put it through rigorous testing to make sure it meets the standards you need...

  • Exceptional Wet hide – See the true and end result on application
  • Perfect for sprayers – No dilution required
  • Lower viscosity – Making application easier
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Proven durability – leaving your customers with a scrubbable finish
  • Exact colour matching – including BS and RAL
  • Can create any colour the eye can see – 2.2m colours
  • Tester Pots available

  • Also available in the Valspar range

    Premium walls & ceilings

    ✔ Paint, primer & undercoat in one

    ✔ Maximum durability & super-scrub formulation

    ✔ Available in tester posts, 1L, 2L & 5L
    Premium wood & metal

    ✔ High quality, low VOC interior paint

    ✔ Eggshell, satin & gloss finishes

    ✔ Available in 1L & 2.5L

    Masonry paint

    ✔ Ideal for covering masonry and other textured surfaces

    ✔ Mould & algae resistant film

    ✔ Protection against cracking, flaking & peeling

    ✔ Available in 2.5L & 5L
    Wood & metal trim

    ✔ Tough & durable exterior paint

    ✔ Mould resistant coating

    ✔ 15 year guarantee

    ✔ Available in 1L & 2.5L

    Kitchen & Bath

    ✔ High quality & maximum durability

    ✔ Low VOC emulsion

    ✔ Resistant to stains, mould & mildew

    ✔ Available in 2.5L, soft-sheen finish.

    Pre mixed paints

    Don't need colour matching/mixing? No problem. You can grab pre mixed paints straight off the shelf at your local TradePoint store.

    Here you can find the closest Trade Point stores
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