LG Monocrystaline Cell

A 26.9V monocrystaline cell from LG. Conforms to IEC61215 ed.2 and IEC61730. 100% EL test completed standards.

  • LG
  • Model - LG250S1C-G3
  • Monocrystaline cell
  • Comes with - Junction Box (IP67 with 3 bypass diodes) and 2 cables
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Withstands external pressure up to 5400 Pa
  • Standard - IEC61215 ed.2 and IEC61730. 100% EL test completed
  • Cell dimensions 156 x 156 mm² / 6 x 6 in²
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Tech specs

Voltage : 26.9V
Power output : 183W
Max ambient temperature : 45°C
Length : 1640mm
Width : 1000mm
Depth : 35mm
Weight : 16.8kg
Guarantee : 10years
Guarantee specifics : 25 year limited linear output warranty

More information

  • Light and robust. LG modules are proven to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure
  • Convienient installation. LG modules are carefully designed to benefit installers by allowing quick and easy installations throughout the carrying, grounding and connecting stages of modules
  • All LG modules pass electroluminescence inspection. This EL inspection detects cracks and other imperfections unseen by the naked eye
  • Extra power. To minimize losses due to mismatch, LG produces 3 groups of solar modules which are sorted by its current class. This enables MonoX™ to maximize the system’s output by around 2% based off the theoretical calculation
  • Reliable warranties. LG stands by its products with the strength of a global corporation and sterling warranty policies.
  • Positive power tolerance. LG provides rigorous quality testing to solar modules to assure customers of the stated power outputs of all modules, with a positive nominal tolerance starting at 0%
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