Wago Installer Box, Pack of 240

Contains 240 push wire and cage clamp connectors from the Wago 222,224 and 773 series

  • Guarantee - 2 years
  • Comes with - 100x lever connectors (40x 222-412 (2-way), 40x 222-413 (3-way), 20x 222-415 (5-way)); 100x push-wire connectors (40x 773-102 (2-way), 40x 773-104 (4-way), 10x 773-106 (6-way), 10x 773-108 (8-way)); 40x lighting connectors (20x 224-101 (2-way) and 20x 224-112 (3-way))
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Tech specs

Brand : Wago
Height : 100mm
Width : 290mm
Length : 370mm

More information

  • Refillable and reusable box with vibration proof conductors
  • 222 series lever connector: 32A. 400V. 0.08-2.5mm² solid and stranded (7 strand) conductor. 0.08-4mm² fine stranded (flexible). Strip length 9-10mm. Max. service temp. 85°C
  • 773 series push wire connector: 24A. 400V. 0.75-2.5mm² solid and 1.5-2.5mm² stranded (7 strands). Strip length 12mm. Max. service temp. 105°C
  • 224 series lighting connector: 24A. 400V. Installation side: 1-2.5mm² solid. Lighting side: 0.5-2.5mm² solid or fine stranded (flexible). Strip length 9-11mm. Max. service temp. 105°C
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