Mixed Nuts, Bolts & Washers, Pack of 1

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Constructed from a2 stainless steel, this mixed nuts, bolts & washers is ideal for a range of home improvement projects.

  • Comes with - Hex nuts: 75x M6, 30x M8, 20x M10, Form A washers: 150x M6, 60x M8, 50x M10, Hex bolts: 30x M6x16, 20x M6x20, 20x M6x25, 10x M8x30, 10x M8x40, 5x M8x50, 10x M10x60, 6x M10x70 and 4x M10x75mm
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Brand : Easyfix
Material : A2 stainless steel
Pack quantity : 1
Type : Mixed nuts, bolts & washers
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