Hive Active Heating Control Thermostat

  • Control your heating from your mobile, tablet or laptop. The next generation Hive brings beautiful design, intuitive control & easy to use features. Hive works no matter who supplies your energy. Hive works with your existing heating system and because you’ll never need to heat an empty home again you could save each year on your energy bills
  • Pack includes: Hive 2 Thermostat, User & Welcome Guides and 4x AA batteries
  • App compatibility: iOS (7.1 or later), Android (2.3 or later), Windows Phone (7 or later) & Windows (8 or later)
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Features and benefits

Hive is a wireless thermostat that can be controlled at home or remotely from a mobile, tablet or laptop. Set up to 6 heating and hot water schedules a day. Boost heating and hot water for up to six hours. Geolocation feature sends heating alerts when leaving or returning home. Holiday mode lets users tell Hive their holiday dates helping them to save energy whilst their away. Automatic Frost Protection helps prevent pipes from freezing when the temperature dips below 7⁰C. There’s no need to change energy supplier and Hive works on existing heating systems

Tech specs

Brand : Hive
Primary power supply : Thermostat - 4x AA batteries, Receiver/Hub - mains powered
Programmes : Up to six heating events per day
Automatic BST/GMT time change : Automatic BST/GMT time change
Digital display : LED Display
Minimum temperature range : 5°C
Maximum temperature range : 32°C
Battery type : AA
Number of batteries : 4
Voltage : 230V
Fitting : We recommend that Hive is fitted by a qualified professional
Standard : EN 60730

More information

  • The new Hive thermostat lets you control your heating at home or from your mobile, tablet or laptop - you can even send texts to change the settings if your internet connection drops
  • Never heat an empty home again so you could save each year on your energy bills
  • Hive works on your existing heating system
  • Hive works no matter who supplies your energy
  • Hive is a wireless thermostat with LED display
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