Tado Smart Thermostat

  • Tado is a smartphone controllable thermostat - it measures temperature, humidity, noise & luminosity, displays the measured temperature and allows the adjustment of operation and set point, controls heating when wired to the heating system.
  • Pack includes: Tado° thermostat, 3 AAA batteries, Tado° bridge, power adapter, USB lead, Ethernet cable, screwdriver, labels, wall screws, & sticky pads
  • Suitable for use with combi, system and heat-only boilers, conventional and condensing boilers, common Y-, S- and W-plan setups, hydronic underfloor systems, electric underfloor systems with a maximum switching current of 6 A, air source and ground source heat pumps (heating only), zoned systems (one Smart Thermostat per zone), switched live systems, potential free (dry contact) systems, low voltage systems with analogue interfaces and low voltage systems with digital bus interfaces
  • App compatibility: iOS (7.1 or later), Android (2.3 or later) & Windows Phone (8.1 or later)
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    • Available in-store only

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Features and benefits

Tado makes life easier: Have your home always at the perfect temperature - no schedules, no teaching, no need to remember to turn it off. Tado controls your heating automatically so you don’t have to. More Transparency: See when your heating is on, how much you save everyday, and your current home temperature. Control your heating from anywhere: No matter where you are - on the train or at work - with the Tado app on the phone you always know what your home temperature is and you can easily change any setting.

Tech specs

Brand : Tado
Width (mm) : 19mm
Depth (mm) : 104mm
Battery backup : Battery backup
Programmes : Geo-location, 7-day, 5/2 day, 1 day
Automatic BST/GMT time change : Automatic BST/GMT time change
Digital display : LED display
Battery type : AAA
Number of batteries : 3
Fitting : Tado° provides installation instructions specific to every heating setup. These instructions are provided via an interactive installation assistant. In addition every Tado° can be installed by a Tado certified installer, visit tado.com/installservice to book.
Standard : EN60730-2-9, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

More information

  • The Tado Smart Thermostat automatically adjusts the heating based on residents locations: warming before somebody gets home, saving when everybody is away. It uses local weather forecasts in real time to control your heating most efficiently, e.g. heat less on a sunny day.
  • Every home is different but Tado quickly works out how quickly your home heats up and cools down to make sure it always starts at the right time.
  • The Smart Thermostat communicates with the Tado hub that connects via Ethernet directly to the back of your home router
  • Instant access to your energy reports and heating activity, so you can see how much you’re saving. Have full access to your heating from your phone, tablet or computer.
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