Bosch (Dia)115mm Fine Grit Grinding Disc

This Bosch aluminium oxide, silicon carbide grinding disc is cutting through inox. It's compatible with angle grinders. It's 123mm wide, 115mm in diameter and 6mm thick, with a disc bore of 22mm.


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Tech specs

Brand : Bosch
Type of cut : Clean cuts from various angles
Material : Aluminium oxide, silicon carbide
Edge type : Fine grit
Disc bore : 22mm
Diameter : 115mm
Height : 19mm
Length : 123mm
Thickness : 6mm
Width : 123mm
Weight : 320g
Maximum speed : 13300rpm
Pack quantity : 1
Model : A24PBF

More information

  • The right disc is always ready to hand, without the need for disc changes
  • Easy cutting of profiles, pipes, and sheets made of inox
  • Less heat discolouration when grinding
  • Useful tin for safe storage of discs
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