Hitachi 3700G 3.4J SDS Plus Drill DH28PX/J2

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A corded SDS plus drill from Hitachi. It features 3 functions drill functions; drill, hammer drill and chisel and a single speed variable gearbox. It has a drill speed of 1100 rpm. It has a maximum drilling capacity of 28mm in masonry, 32mm in wood and 13mm in metal.The electric brakestops the drill quickly after you release the trigger to ensure saftey.


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Brand : Hitachi
Rotation direction : Forward & reverse
Vibration control : Vibration dampening system
Clutch : Mechanical safety clutch
Impact energy : 3.4J
Extra support handle : Side handle
Gearbox Housing : All metal gearbox
Model : DH28PX/J2
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