HG Algae & Mould Remover

Removes algae & mould from a variety of outdoor surfaces, slows down regrowth

  • HG algae and mould remover must be applied in dry weather and when no rain has been forecast for the next two days. Dilute HG algae and mould remover in a ratio of 1:20 with water, or a quarter of a bottle with half a bucket of water. Apply the solution with a watering can, broom, scrubbing-brush or plant spray. As HG algae and mould remover does not leave behind any harmful substances, the area does not have to be rinsed off. After treatment the surface is perfectly protected against re-growth for months
  • Size: 1 L
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    • Available in-store only

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Brand : HG
Litre capacity : 1L
Coverage : 200m²
Physical state : Liquid

More information

  • Results within 36 hours
  • No scrubbing or polishing required
  • Bio-degradable
  • Used diluted, it is safe on plants and grass
  • Sufficient for at least 200m²

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