JCB Brown Fast Track Boots, Size 8

  • Oiled finish Full grain leather upper with Cambrelle lining
  • Phylon/Rubber outsole, Steel midsole protection midsole and energy absorbing heel
  • Steel toe cap
  • Fuel oil resistant sole
  • Safety ratings - S3 - 200 Joule toe protection
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    • Available in-store only

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Boot size : 8
Colour description : Brown
Finish : Oiled finish
Upper construction material : Full grain leather
Midsole : Steel midsole protection
Outsole : Phylon/Rubber
Lining : Cambrelle lining
Heel : energy absorbing
Steel toe cap : Steel toe cap
Waterproof : Waterproof bootie liner
Chemical resistant : Fuel oil resistant sole
Weight (g) : 2000g
Model : SQQT
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