The Community Project – A Follow-Up

The Community Project is Complete

These days it’s becoming more and more important to find new ways to reach out and find new business, especially when you're in the trade. A community project is a great way to market your business for several reasons and to show how effective it can be, TradePoint have undertaken one of its own!

Along with the help of some hardworking volunteers, TradePoint sponsored the renovation of a disused outdoor space in Moston, Greater Manchester. It took careful planning, hard graft and serious drive from all involved, but we got the job done! And we’ve been back to see how our efforts have been appreciated by the local community.

So what do they think of the community garden?

We caught up with Chris and Joel of the Manchester Landscapers as well as members of local community group, on a sunny but blustery day.

Our dedicated volunteers were proud to see that, “everything is finished now, people are using the garden and it looks very well”. What used to be a dumping ground for waste materials has been transformed into a stunning garden to be cherished by the local community, various groups, and supporters of the community run football club which is based just around the corner from the centre.

Creative Community are a local arts and crafts group who meet at the centre each week. They and are especially excited by the opportunity to take advantage of the space and light outside. Previously, people using the centre were stuck inside. The allotments will be enjoyed by keen gardeners too.

It’s always great to help out and give back, but the project has also benefitted the tradespeople who kindly volunteered their time. Chris and Joel of Manchester Landscapers were among the team of volunteers who worked on the project, giving up their time to showcase their handiwork.

How has the project helped the tradespeople’s business?

We asked the volunteers how becoming involved in the project has helped their business. Chris explains that, thanks to the social media activity around the project and event, they now have a captive audience:

“People actually phone us now and say, “We want you to work for us; we’ve seen your work on social media and we want you.” – Chris, Manchester Landscapers

Throughout the experience, we provided updates across our social channels and right here on the Trade Talk hub. The tradespeople involved have not only noticed an increase in customers visiting their website, but with the updates from various sources as the project went along, the volunteers have benefited from more exposure to potential new customers.

Chris and Joel have noticed that they are receiving more calls and no longer so reliant on previous sources of business. It has been a great opportunity to expose themselves to more business whilst achieving something positive for the local community. A real success story!

TradePoint’s Community Project has really demonstrated how online activity can really raise your business’ profile. Find more by following TradePoint on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Or for trade tips and advice on how you can better market your business, explore the Trade Talk hub.