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GoodHome Extra hardwearing Pure brilliant white Gloss Metal & wood paint, 2.5L
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GoodHome Extra hardwearing Pure brilliant white Gloss Metal & wood paint, 2.5L

£7.60 per L
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Product details

Product information

  • Stir thoroughly before use. Apply using a brush or foam roller, when the temperature is between 10°C and 25°C
  • Suitable for Metal & wood
  • Quick dry
  • Surfaces should be sanded, clean and dry. Before painting on bare wood or metal, use a suitable primer. Painted glossy surfaces should be rubbed down with a fine abrasive paper. When sanding, wear a face mask to avoid dust inhalation. Metal surfaces should be free from rust and corrosion. Knots in wood surfaces should be treated with a knotting solution. Fill any holes or defects with filler

Features and benefits

We believe you should be able to paint once and not have to pick up the paint brush until you fancy a change of colour. That's why we've created an extra hardwearing GoodHome wood and metal paint to leave a superior finish on skirtings, doors and window frames in your home. Excellent stain resistance to keep your whites looking fresher for longer, and it covers exceptionally well too. As simple as that. With this high sheen gloss finish, you can add the finishing touches to your paint project.

  • We've made this paint scuff resistant so it's durable and hardwearing in the busiest of homes. The finish lasts for longer, so once you've painted you don't have to worry about it needing a touch up
  • We know that accidents happen. That's why this paint is washable. Marks and spills can be easily scrubbed away so your paint looks as good as new
  • It's never been easier to cover old marks and blemishes so that you get a better paint finish
  • When you've spent time painting your home, you want to keep the colour at its best for longer. That's why our paint doesn't yellow and keeps your white surfaces whiter for longer
  • This paint dries quickly so you can get additional coats painted sooner. Get the job finished quicker and sit back and relax


Application methodBrush
ColourPure brilliant white
Drying time4 h
Instructions for storageStore your leftover paint between 5°С and 30°С. Best used within 1 year of opening
RangeExtra hardwearing
Recoat time4 hours
Resistant to drippingNot drip resistant
Minimum touch dry time2h
VOC levelMinimal
Product code5036581062781