Modular Furniture

Ingenious and creative storage options to help keep the clutter at by in the home. Wide range of adaptable storage solutions to keep the room looking stylish whilst making the most of the space.

  • Wardrobe Dressing Kits

    Wardrobe Dressing Kits

    Wardrobe Dressing Kits

    Fits perfectly in the wardrobe and provides plenty of storage

  • Perkin



    Customisable and easy to assemble this storage is stylish and hardwearing

  • Cube Storage

    Cube Storage

    Storage Cubes

    A simple and stylish way to store clutter is with storage cubes, easy to mix and match and suits any room.

  • Oppen



    Versatile and easy to adapt to any space this stylish storage looks great in the bedroom

  • Aura Wardrobe Storage

    Aura Wardrobe Storage


    Easy to design and install, it's simple to keep everything organised with Aura.

  • Relax Wadrobe Storage

    Relax Wardrobe Storage


    Industrial and modern storage units which can be installed floor to ceiling