Expamet Wall Starter 1165mm, Pack of 2

A pack of expamet stainless steel wall starters for ties in new walls to existing brickwork without cutting out. Suitable for for use with three storey walls (8m maximum), 60-250mm wall thickness.


    • Available in-store only

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Tech specs

Brand : Expamet
Construction material : Stainless steel
Pack quantity : 2
Length : 1165mm

More information

  • 2 x 1165mm lengths for wall thicknesses 60 -250mm
  • The quick, easy-to-fix way to tie-in new walls to existing walls without cutting out brickwork. Suitable for walls of up to three storeys high, ie up to 8m maximum
  • Featuring a ‘turn and slide tie’ to accommodate all sizes of brick or block.
  • Stainless Steel.
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