Thistle Magnetic Plaster 25kg

  • A unique final coat plaster designed to attract magnets whilst leaving the appearance of a standard wall
  • Apply by hand
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Features and benefits

With our newly developed, easy-to-apply Thistle Magnetic Plaster you can transform any wall into a magnetised surface, making the ideal display board. Our innovative formula enables you to endlessly change what’s on show – no fuss, no mess. So it’s perfect for children’s bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and home offices.

Tech specs

Brand : Thistle
Weight : 25kg
Coverage : 5 m²
Setting time : 90minutes
Suitable for : Interior use only

More information

  • Transforms any wall into a surface that attracts magnets
  • Turns any space into a flexible interactive gallery; change around pictures, notice boards, calendars or decorations instantly
  • Applies like a standard Thistle Finishing Plaster, provides a smooth and durable finish ready for decoration
  • The magnetic attraction of a wall coated with Thistle Magnetic Plaster is determined by the thickness of the material applied and the strength of the magnets used, a minimum thickness of 3mm is needed to achieve a good level of magnetic attraction
  • This product should not be worked to a polished finish
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