Timber-Tite Self Colour Net-Coat Green Plated A2 Stainless Steel Woodscrew (Dia)6.5mm (L)100mm, Pack of 20

This pack of Star drive recess button head woodscrews are constructed from a durable a2 stainless steel, 100mm in length and come fully threaded. They're ideal for a range of DIY applications. Comes with 20 of 6.5mmx100mm screws and 1 Torx T30 driver bit.


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Tech specs

Brand : Timber-tite
Model : TFNP65100
Length : 100mm
Diameter : 6.5mm
Screw/Bolt head type : Button head
Material : A2 Stainless steel
Finish : Net-coat green plated
Drive recess : Star drive recess
Pack quantity : 20
Screw thread type : AB self tapping thread

More information

  • Hardened & countersunk for a neat, flush finish
  • Coarse thread for high pull-out retention
  • Star recess allows high insertion torque
  • No pilot hole required
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