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Product info


Features and benefits

Learning thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one. Learns schedules to program itself and notices when the house is empty to automatically turn down the heat. Can be controlled via mobile and tablet.

Tech specs

Brand : Nest
Type : Learning thermostat - 2nd Generation
Maximum temperature range : 40°C
Colour : Black
Automatic BST/GMT time change : Automatic BST/GMT time change
Minimum temperature range : 0°C
Maximum temperature range : 40°C
Battery type : Li-ion
Standard : RoHS standards

More information

  • Just turn it up and down - It will learn the temperatures you like and program itself
  • Sense temperature, humidity near-field and far-field activity and ambient light
  • Learns how your home warms up so you only use as much heat as you actually need
  • Energy history - See how much heat you use every day
  • LCD display: 24 bit colour , 1.75" diameter. Mercury free
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