Tado Smart Thermostat Hot Water Extension Kit

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  • The Tado Thermostat extension kit connects your smart thermostat to your boiler if there is no existing connection. It does it wirelessly, so there's no need to drill any holes or feed any wires around your home. If you have a programmer attached to your boiler to control your hot water this extension kit can replace it. By adding the extension kit to your Tado Smart Thermostat you can then control hot water too.
  • Pack includes: Tado° extension box, 4-wire cable, labels, euroblock 2-plug, rast5 2-plug, screw terminals, screws, insulating caps, and dowels.
  • App compatibility: iOS (7.1 or later), Android (2.3 or later) & Windows Phone (8.1 or later)
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Features and benefits

The Smart Thermostat communicates with the Tado hub that connects via Ethernet directly to the back of your home router

Tech specs

Brand : Tado
Width : 28mm
Depth : 150mm
Primary power supply : Mains
Programmes : Geo-location, 7-day, 5/2 day, 1 day
Automatic BST/GMT time change : Automatic BST/GMT time change
Fitting : Tado° provides installation instructions specific to every heating setup. These instructions are provided via an interactive installation assistant. In addition every Tado° can be installed by a Tado certified installer, visit Tado.com/installservice to book.
Standard : EN60730-2-9, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

More information

  • Required for the replacement of hot water controlling programmers (UK only)
  • Recommended for heating system setups without a room thermostat
  • Controls heating based on sensor data from the Tado Smart Thermostat
  • Typically installed next to the boiler or replacing an existing external controller
  • The Tado thermostat extension kit must be bought to work alongside the Tado thermostat
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