Bosch Bayonet Fitting Jigsaw Blade, Pack of 10

These jigsaw blades from Bosch are suitable for softwood, chipboard, wood core plywood and fibre boards They are constructed from high carbon steel and have a cutting depth of 15-50mm.

  • Comes with - 2x T101B clean precision cut for plywood, softwood, fibre boards up to 30mm, 1x T101AO clean precision cut for softwood, laminates and plywood up to 15mm, 2x T111C fast cut for softwwod, wood core plywood, chipboard, fibre boards up to 50mm, 1x T119BO standard precision cut for chipboard, wood core plywood, softwood, fibre boards up to 15mm, 2x T144D fast cut for softwood, chipboards, wood core plywood, fibre boards up to 50mm and 1x T144DP precision cut for chipboard, softwood, fibre boards, wood core plywood, kitchen worktops up to 50mm
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Brand : Bosch
Material : High carbon steel
Blade fitting : Bayonet fitting
Blade type : Wood
Cutting depth : 15-50mm
Saw tooth pitch : 4-5.2mm
Pack quantity : 10
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