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Central heating

Received a last minute call from a client that’s found their central heating has stopped working? You can find everything you need to get them back up and running again in our central heating range at TradePoint. Whether you are fitting a new radiator in a customer’s home or are fitting an air conditioning unit in a new build, you can be confident in the quality and the longevity of our selection so that the client has the best result possible. For clients that want a more modern option, we have a range of electric heaters which are cost efficient and have a modern, stylish finish to them so that your client’s heating choice doesn’t impact on the room’s aesthetic. However, if a more subtle solution is required for a client’s space, we have a range of underfloor heating which is perfect for smaller spaces which may not have the space for normal traffic flow to go through alongside a more traditional heating option. Whatever your needs are, you can be confident in our central heating range so that the space will stay at the perfect ambient temperature year round.

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Central heating is seen as one of the easiest ways to make a house feel like a home and at TradePoint we have everything you need to complete a heating project to make your client’s home feel warm year round. No matter if it’s wall mounted radiators or a more modern heating source, like underfloor heating, you can be confident that whatever your client’s heating needs can be covered with our range. If interior design is important to your client, but they still need a traditional radiator, a designer radiator is a good middle ground. With their vertical panel design, they are an effective way to heat the home, but still look stylish in a home. Available in a variety of colours, this aesthetic choice is great to blend into the background of your client’s home and not distract from their choice of wall covering.

For homes which need better flexibility in a heating solution, fitting a water heater is allows quick and easy access to hot water without needing to fit a tank. These cost effective solutions will be perfect for clients who are looking to make their home more efficient in the long run. To further improve the efficiency of their home, we also have a range of smart thermometers which will give your client control of the heating in their home at all times of the day or night. The flexibility in these will mean that your client’s home will be set up for success no matter what their heating needs are.