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Power tools are the lifeblood of any tradesperson, filling an endless number of roles in almost every job. Power tools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with some cordless handheld tools being usable nearly anywhere for any job. Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty saws, battery-powered drills or larger static workshop machinery, we’ve got all your DIY needs covered.

Power tools are an essential part of any tradesperson’s arsenal, making a wide range of jobs much faster than if traditional hand tools were used. Available in a wide range of models, there’s a power tool for almost every job, whether it’s a mitre saw or circular saw for cutting wood and timber or a nail gun to speed up carpentry and furniture construction.

No toolbox is complete without a drill, required for a wide range of projects. These speed up the drilling of holes enormously, and the varying size of drill bits allows them to be used on projects both large and small. Multi tools are another great addition to your kit, filling the role of several tools in one. With a set of interchangeable accessories you can sand, grind and cut a wide range of materials, all while minimising your required tool storage space.

There are a variety of power tools available for sawing, including the table saw – perfect for cutting down wooden workpieces quickly, with some models able to tackle metal and plastic too. If you’re working with metal or stone, an angle grinder is the perfect tool for cutting or detailing your workpieces, their interchangeable discs providing them with unrivalled flexibility.