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Garden tools

Our extensive range of garden tools are designed to meet the demands of busy gardeners, offering durable garden power tools, and hand tools for all your landscaping and garden maintenance needs. From sturdy shovels and power trimmers to precision shears and loppers, our selection ensures that every task is tackled with efficiency and precision. Whether you a planning to upgrade your garden tools or you need a specialist tool for a gardening project, we have tools by great trade brands. 

From pruning to mowing, garden tools are essential for maintaining a pristine outdoor space throughout the year. Whether you're looking to replace an old tool or need a specific garden tool for a project, you'll find a wide range to choose from.

A lawnmower is a staple tool for maintaining a tidy lawn areas, providing both grass maintenance and added nutrition for your lawn by recycling the clippings. Additionally, a garden rake is perfect for tidying up and recycling garden waste, while pressure washers and garden hoses breathe new life into garden furniture and paving.

To wash off outdoor spaces after a garden project, our selection of pressure washers and garden hoses are fast and efficient, coming in a range of models from top brands including Karcher, Mac Allister and Bosch