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Shelving Systems

Our shelving systems are an ideal storage solution for offices, garages, sheds, and workspaces. We host a range of high quality, modular and affordable shelving systems that are simple to install with fewer screws required. Our Twinslot shelving systems are versatile to allow for custom shelving to be created. Perfect for optimising the space and storage capacities of any room. These wall-mounted shelving systems provide a stylish yet practical look, with a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

Garage twinslot shelvingGarage twinslot shelvingGarage twinslot shelvingGarage twinslot shelving
Twinslot shelving boxTwinslot shelving boxTwinslot shelving boxTwinslot shelving box

How To Shop

Start with choosing uprights according to the space. Next, select brackets according to the desired shelf width. When selecting shelf boards, ensure that the length of the chosen bracket equals to, or is slightly shorter than, the width of the shelf board. The shelf can overhang by a third of the length. If cutting shelves to size, complete the project with some white edging tape for a polished finish.