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Decorating tools & supplies

Painters and decorators! Good tools will form the basis of your work and you can be confident in our extensive range of decorating tools and supplies at TradePoint which cover everything you need to provide your client with a stunning finish to their space. Whether it’s a simple paint job or creating a feature wall with a beautiful wallpaper, you can rely on TradePoint having the tools you need from the job. Preparation is the key to any room renovation and our range of caulk and fillers can refill any holes and chips to give you a smooth canvas for your project. For bigger paint jobs, you may find a paint roller more helpful for painting a ceiling, whilst a smaller paint brush is great for working around skirting boards and doorways. However, if you are working on a home decoration for new home buyers, a wallpaper steamer may be more helpful to remove unwanted interior design left by the previous owners!

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Redecorate a space easily with our range of painting supplies and decorating tools at TradePoint. With so many tools available, you can easily be prepared for anything in your next painting job. Prepare a client’s space perfectly for a new look by protecting their existing flooring and furniture with dust sheets, the best way to catch errant paint drips and prevent damage from any paint strippers or fillers you need to use as part of preparing your client’s walls for that first coat of fresh paint. To finish off your prep work, use a piece of sandpaper to give your wall texture – perfect for helping paint stick that much better.

When your preparation is done, painting is a breeze with our range of paint rollers which come in various sizes and are suitable for most walls in the space you are working with. If you need to be a little more precise, paint brushes are great for edge work around a door frame or skirting board, giving you a high quality finish with ease.

It’s not just painting which our range covers. If your client is looking to create a stunning focal wall, this has never been easier with wallpaper, and we can help make the job easier with an extensive range of wallpaper tools to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. If your client has existing wallpaper which needs to be removed, our wallpaper steamers make it a breeze! By using steam to loosen up the existing paste, the old wallpaper will easily be removed so your client can get their ideal look for their space and have a completely refreshed wall.