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Prepare the perfect shower for your clients with our extensive showering range at TradePoint. We have everything you need to complete put together a shower in your client’s bathroom. If your clients need a solution which quickly heats up, they would benefit from an electric shower. With no hot water tank required, your customer can enjoy a warm shower instantly. There’s no greater feeling than a good shower and you can provide your customers with that feeling by building a complete shower for them. Our showering range covers everything you need from shower trays to shower enclosures so there’s no reason to worry about errant water droplets.

Everything you need for a shower

From a shower over the bath to a complete shower kit, we have everything you need for the perfect showering unit.

Find the right shower for you

The perfect shower is a mere Click + Collect away, and you can get it in as little as an hour!

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Mira showers
Triton showers
Cooke & Lewis showers
Aqualisa showers
GoodHome showers

Refresh a shower

Create a stunning, water resistant finish in a bathroom with our bathroom decorating range.

Picking the right shower for a client can be difficult but with our showering rage at TradePoint you can easily find the right one you need so you can get your client back to normality in no time at all. Whether it’s a complete shower set up or just a mixer shower to go over a bath, we have everything you need to give your clients the right showering experience for them.

Depending on whether there is a water tank or not, or your client has a high or low water pressure, they will be able to have the right shower for their home from our range. If your client has a small water tank, they may benefit from an electric shower which will heat up the water it uses instantly so they can enjoy their bathing experience straight away.

If your client is looking for a complete shower experience, we have a range of shower trays and shower enclosures you can use to create a perfect showering unit for them. It can be finished off in style with stunning bathroom wall panels which will give them a unique finish in their bathroom that they will enjoy. Whether they prefer a completely white room or something a bit more traditional with a wooden finish, the perfect shower is never too far away for your clients.

If space is an issue, adding a shower over the bath is a breeze! Adding a shower rail and a shower curtain is a great, low cost method to get their bathroom set up quickly. And with shower curtains being easy to replace, your clients can find one which perfectly matches the look they want in their home. From nautical blues to a minimalistic whites, shower curtains are perfect for adding pizazz and style easily. For something more modern though, your client may want to go with a shower screen. Not only does this create a shower unit within the footprint of a bath, it also is more practical for your clients, particularly if they don’t want a curtain to stick to them whilst they are showering!

No matter what your clients’ needs are, our extensive showering range contains everything you need to create the perfect option for them in their home and with a range of high quality brands available, there is something suitable for every person, home and tastes within our range.