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Timber & Joinery

Our extensive range of timber and joinery offers excellent choice for most indoor & outdoor joinery projects. You can be confident that the timber and joinery you buy from us it responsibly sourced wood, which is either FSC® or PEFC certified with full chain custody or from a proven recycled source. We stock a lot of products that sit within our bulk delivery offering, so if you are needing large quantities for a project then order for delivery to site at a time to suit you.

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We know how important the right timber is in your work, and you can be confident in our extensive range of options which are responsibly sourced and high quality so they will stand the test of time. For structural work, CLS timber is great for indoor and outdoor projects. Known for its durability and being kiln-dried to increase its stability, you can be confident that any structures you are building will stand strong for years to come. We also offer bulk delivery so you can complete your job with ease.

If you want to add a modern finish to a build, timber cladding is a great option that works well in any weather. With ranges which have a tongue and groove fitting system, it is simple to install and adds a natural finish to any home. Our range of timber for cladding will need to be sealed properly to add water resistance so that it can work well in a kitchen or bathroom, but you can be sure that with appropriate sealants, it will maintain a splash resistance for the lifespan of the wood.

Prepare for your next job with our range of scaffold boards at TradePoint – the perfect option for whatever project you are working on. Whether you are doing structural work or are looking to create a rustic looking flower bed in a client’s garden, you can be sure that your scaffold boards will bear the brunt of the load and help you complete the job in time.

If it’s internal projects you are working on, our range of internal doors offers a variety of finishes to complete the look of a client’s home with ease. Whether it’s a traditional rustic aesthetic or a modern minimalist look they are going for, you can be sure that our range of doors will stand the test of time and maintain their look for many years.

For a focal point in a hallway, TradePoint carries a range of stairs and stair parts to keep cohesion to the interior design your client wants whilst also providing the function that your client expects from a solid structure. Our stair handrails come in a variety of finishes from wooden to cool metal so there will be the style that suits your client’s home within our range.

Finish interior design with ease with a skirting board, we have coloured and natural wood finishes which can easily be painted so that the new skirting will become a natural extension of the home and disappear into the background whilst also protecting your client’s wall from the knocks of daily life.