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Safety & workwear

Workwear and personal protective equipment made with trade professionals in mind. A range of clothing, footwear and accessories designed for demanding work environments. Specially engineered to be tough and durable yet comfortable and stylish, from top trade brands you’ll expect.

Workwear comes in a variety of different forms, from warm and waterproof clothing to safety helmets and face wear. Work jackets and body warmers are designed with comfort in mind, helping to keep your torso warm and dry during even the coldest months. Work trousers are designed to be durable, made with materials to resist abrasions and knocks while maintaining the wearers comfort. Some pairs come with built-in kneepads, providing an extra level of protection around the knees.

Safety equipment is essential for any site using power tools, with many pieces benefitting the wearer in any work environment. Hard hats and helmets can be adjusted different head sizes perfectly and often come with ventilation holes to keep the wearer cool through the year. Knee pads offer protection to one or both knees, making them ideal for anyone needing to kneel for long periods of time, reducing the impact from hard surfaces. Face wear like safety goggles are a must have, providing invaluable eye protection from flying debris, and dust masks and filters are perfect for use on any sites where there may be a risk of fine particles in the air.

Gloves are great to have for the colder parts of the year, helping keep your hands warm and dry as well as protected. Many are cut resistant, helping to protect your fingers from knicks and cuts.