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Verve Pond Netting (W)2000mm
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Verve Pond Netting (W)2000mm

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Product details

Product information

    Keeps animals, birds and debris away from your pond

    • This netting is ideal for keeping autumn leaves out of your pond and protecting your fish from predators such as herons and cats. Trim the net to match with the shape of the pond. Leave at least 15cm of overhang all the way around the pond. Once the net is laid out in the appropriate place, use verve netting pegs to secure the net to the ground. These anchors should be placed every 30cm around the pond. Be sure the net is stretched securely over the pond. It should on or above the surface of the pond, but it should not drop into the pond. You do not want fish to become entangled in a net that is not properly secured.

    Features and benefits

    • Light enough to be laid directly over a pond
    • Protects ponds, plants, shrubs, fruits, crops and vegetables


    Product length4000mm
    Product thickness0.5mm
    Product width2000mm
    Model name/numberPP22
    Product code3663602558088