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Roof truss

We've partnered with timber specialists Donaldson Timber Engineering to offer a top design service for roof trusses and the manufacture of structural timber roof systems.

Roof Truss

One-stop-shop for roofs

Get expert back-up for your roofing jobs with our top design service for timber roof trusses and manufacture of structural timber roof systems. Trust us with your trusses! We'll get you the know-how you need. Visit your nearest TradePoint store today for more information on what we offer.

Timber specialists

To solve all your roofing issues we're partnering with timber specialists - Donaldson Timber Engineering. They've got all the expert help you want, and will offer advice and support from start to finish.

Save money, time and a load of hassle

You'll be walked through the whole thing - from design, to manufacture, to delivery. And you'll get great after-sales support too.

It's simple - we give you top quality service and get you the products, while you save money, time and a load of hassle.

Highest health and safety standards

Don't worry about a thing. Donaldson Timber Engineering will make sure your roof trusses are fully compliant with health and safety standards. And because they're registered to ISO9001 you can rest easy that all the work they do for you is to the highest standards.

All the roofing gear

TradePoint is a 'one-stop-shop' for all your roof truss needs. We've got all the joists, cassettes and trusses you need plus all ancillary products, such as metal connectors and bracing materials.